1991 Honda Civic CRX Si JDM D15B Vtec Mugen Clean White

At the first test drive, vTec engaged around 5k or so Then I started getting an oil light and rpm’s would drop super low, sometimes killing it. So I went ahead and put the gsr water pump, oil pump, timing belt, oil pan gasket, sandwich plate gasket, head gasket, and valve cover gasket kit. Then my car was running like a champion, felt really good and even stronger with all the new parts. So I changed the vTec solenoid and it still won’t engage. I can rev up to 8k but I lose power after I get a check engine light saying the vTec solenoid or something is still bad, but it isn’t. I’m thinking the stock intake manifold runners are stuck shut or something, causing the vTec to not engage due to insufficient air supply or something causing the CEL. What do you guys think?

Wiring 3 stage VTec in an EG and a P28 ECU.

How to make VTEC louder? This article has been written to answer all those questions honda noobs tend to ask: How can i make my vtec louder? How do u make vtec scream? Add on a decent open pod filter and your car will be screaming! It only looks good on a really fast car not a crappy SOHC engine.

Aug 21,  · you have to follow the wire that goes from teh vtec solenoid to the main harness, if your car did NOT come with vtec, then your harness is missing the wire from your ecu to the plug in your engine compartment which runs teh vtec. so you will find the spot in the harness where there is a little plastic “plug” to fill teh hole where there is no wire.

Before you plan on swapping in VTEC honda swap however, check here for a guide on removing your Civic engine. Leave us a message below and let us know! If your Honda Civic CX is not using a heated 02 sensor four wire oxygen sensor you will need to wire this as well. The E-VTEC equipped D15Z1 is quite the funky performer, and you may need to rewire the special 02 sensor to convert from the wideband 02 that came stock, to the standard 4 wire narrowband oxygen sensor.

If you are using a chipped P28 or have swapped your intake manifold, you may or may not need to wire the knock sensor. When using a P72 ECU, this means that you must reuse the stock intake manifold. You can alternately opt to use the B series engine harness and add the wires to your shock tower plug for a factory Honda look.

OBD2 Secondary 02 Sensor Wiring

My platform was my crx hf and the engine was a obd1 jdm H22A engine. Once you have the motor mount kit it is pretty straight forward. The stock alternator bracket is bulky and weighs a lot and I believe hits the eye socket of the driver side headlight support.

Apr 18,  · i have a 97 lx that i just swapped a d16z6 into. i have a p28 ecu. how the heck i hook vtec up? obd1 ecu, vtec engine,factory harness obviously non vtec. i hear you can run 2 wires straight to the solenoid just don’t know where to pin the wires on the adaptor harness.

Consequently, it’ll take more abuse before it starts slipping. If you use flywheel, you have to use the clutch disc and pressure plate. Same goes for the flywheel; you have to use the same clutch kit. Moreover, flywheel is slightly lighter than by about a pound or two. It was easy to remove the flywheel. Just pry in a large screwdriver between one of the teeth of the flywheel and the engine and using 12 point socket you’ll be able to remove pressure plate 10mm and the flywheel 17mm.

When tightening, use a 17mm socket on the crank pulley to hold it in place for the final torgue on the bolts. I highly recomend lightening your flywheel to 12lbs even for street applications. If my sister can drive the car, so can you!

How to make VTEC louder?

Many Nissans can use our tools to reprogram their factory ECUs. Types of Nissan Computer Trivially chippable Nissans fall into several categories: If you see a spot on the edge of the circuit board with two rows of 20 pins, this is probably the application.

Apr 27,  · i got a 98 dx hatch with a y8 running a y7 computer. Im trying to find the plugs to plug into the vtec solenoid. but im confused on hooking up the vtec. Any.

Almost every Civic out there has or had one to begin with, and for the price of a swap you can put a turbo on there that will easily out perform a DOHC Dual Overhead Cam for the same price. Another thing for you weight junkies, the D series engines weigh in at about 75lbs less than a B series and they weigh in 55lbs lighter than a K series. Enabling the engine to breath; after all, engines are nothing but big air pumps.

To start off, we look at the filter and piping. Cold Air Intakes CAI although some assume just relocate the air filter into the front bumper, are actually acoustically tuned to the engines they are made for and allow for a rather comfortable bump in the mid-range horsepower. Following the air flow we come to the throttle body. This is more of a throttle response upgrade than a horsepower upgrade.

UNLESS the stock throttle body is too small to allow all the air the piston chambers can pull in at wide open. Basically, adding a larger throttle body allows you to be a “full throttle” faster because of the larger volume of air. Any throttle body for an H series B series or D series are interchangeable, with one catch; you need to pay attention to where your IACV idle air control valve is.

Except for the ITR, this is 62mm.

Vtec stopped working.?

It is a lot easier than it looks or sounds. Throughout all this i am assuming you are staying OBD0. When wiring please use solder and heat shrink tubing. It makes your wiring last longer and look MUCH cleaner.

Find great deals on eBay for p28 chip. Shop with confidence.

Binary Editor Binary Editor is a flexible software package that allows real-time tuning and datalogging when paired with the Moates QuarterHorse. While Binary Editor can support a very wide range of vehicles, “out of the box” it only supports a few select strategy definitions: While not sold through Moates,additional vehicle support is available commercially through third parties such as Core Tuning and Derek Fenwick.

Binary Editor can talk to a wide range of hardware beyond Moates products such as widebands and 3rd party dataloggers. While not sold through Moates, support for J flashing also additionally available from Core Tuning. If you do not have one of the strategies listed here, you should contact us before making a purchase to ensure your vehicle is supported. Binary Editor is licensed in two ways.

The “standard” version is locked to a single PC.

Auto-to-Manual Part 2

Big credit goes out to: It looks like a normal ECU. The only difference in appearance is that it has a small hole cut in the side for the USB interface.

You can hook up vtec using a vtec controller but you will not have any gains. The obd1 p28 vtec ecu has an aggressive iginition timing and raises oil pressure when the vtec cams are activated. Get these itmes Wiring harness Distributor p Re: D16A6/Y8 Swap. OBD0 Vtec wiring help.

March 9, edited Pictures have been found, and added in a zip file at the bottom of this post. You can download it, and sort through them. I am in the process of reintegrating them into the post, this may take a day or so This can also be used for wiring just about anything you need, like a knock sensor, IABs, o2 sensor , whatever. Ok, assuming you have a vtec motor in a non vtec car and you need to wire in vtec y0! First you need to run the wires To the canon plugs shock tower connectors Now, if you are using the vtec harness there’s no need to remove them as there should be nothing plugged into the connector on the other side on a vtec car, such as a VX, or , this part is over, as it will have them already the wires should match up to empty slots.

But if there is something on the other side, simply remove them vtec wires to an empty slot with nothing on the otherside. For the cabin side of the canon plug, you need to get the pin from the canon plug, to the ECU junkyard. Now, make sure the wire coming out of the cabin side of the canon plugs is long enough to go through the firewall, and to the ECU. For the ECU connections same as the canon plugs, you need to acquire the pins.

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Hondata S V3 We are proud to offer Hondata’s top of the line tuning products like the Hondata S to our valued customers. It offers superior tunability with forced induction support, datalogging, boost control capabilities, and so much more. Contains everything you need to properly control your boosted engine setup. You will not find a more complete package at a better price. Easy, plug in installation – simply unbolt and unplug your stock Honda ECU, then plug-in and bolt this ECU in its place and begin tuning.

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How to install a subwoofer and amplifier When installing any electrical components always remember to unhook the battery. First thing you want to do is run your ground cable from a volt meter to a body or frame nut or bolt near by in the trunk or hatch area a shorter thicker ground is best then connect the other end of your volt meter to your battery cable that will need to be run through the firewall and connect to the positive battery terminal.

Also VERY important make sure you have installed a fuse on the wire in between the amp and the battery. For a sub woofer you want to hook the rca cable to the rear or sub labeled rca jacks. Then run your amplifier remote wire to the remote wire protruding from the back of your car stereo. After that you can run the ground and battery cable to the correct slots. Now connect your sub via rca and your done. If you do not have an amp with a subwoofer out then you can take the wires from your sub and bridge the connection to your amp and get enough power, take the positive wire to your sub and hook it up to the positive terminal of channel one on the amp then take the negative wire from your sub and hook it into the negative terminal on channel two and your done.

HONDA V-Tec Pressure Switch