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Only that A he still slips oh-so-easily into the lair, and 2 he stands to be either friend or frenemy to Team Arrow as the Prometheus arc hits its climax. More pressing, you might worry about him surviving a sticky situation with girlfriend Cecile in the next episode, amid all the Killer Frost drama. Any scoop on the NCIS: New Orleans season finale? Is he going to be in Season 3? How much will we, um, see? Dinesh is getting a new sweetheart, too!

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Your one-stop place for music, TV, sports, and maybe some politics. So make sure you come back everyday or you’ll pay, listen to what I say. So we finally learned why Allison is in bed with the Russians: But I do wonder if Allison knew if the Acrobat was still alive or not. He did end up in the vacation destination Allison talked about what a horrible screen saver, all that is going to do is burn that image into the screen, it should have at least rotated, and what douchebag these days still uses a screen saver instead of the auto screen shut off; it is just a waste in electricity dude.

But if Allison knows that Carrie knows the Acrobat is still alive, you let the assassin to kill her because Carrie can figure out everything.

When you’re making one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, you should have % transparency and an approach that’s a little more scientific than a .

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The Blacklist – “The Informant” (No. 118)

Mike’s family would like to extend a special thank you to his best friend, Dan Garner, for all of the friendship and support he has provided Mike throughout the years. Memorials will be accepted by the family to be distributed among his favorite charities. Online condolences may be left for the family at www.

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This show has had an issue lately when it comes to Red. Or should I say, everyone else but Red. Whenever James Spader is not on screen, the show loses about half of my interest. The other characters are just kind of boring. Then, there is this weeks episde, Mako Tanida. So lets get to business here. We end last week on a big cliffhanger. He is only doing it as a job. Instead we get this asian guy escaping from prison and killing agents. Agent Ressler really is the focus this week as he gets a little revenge storyline here.

He loses Audrey, for good, just three months after getting her back.

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Starting in Toronto, Canada a woman named Romi Sarah Rich turns around at the bar of a night club to see a man Jason Schuchman eyeing her from across the room. She picks up and walks right past him. Bronwyn tells Romi that the meeting got bumped up and she needs her back tonight because they are now presenting tomorrow. Bronwyn needs her flight rebooked because of this and needs to head out. Bronwyn grabs a cab and hangs up.

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Or is it just a ploy to piss her off and lure her in close enough for a chokehold? Genuine Roaring Rampage of Revenge? Reddington has been on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for decades, yet at the beginning of the series he surrenders without a fight even as a dozen heavily-armed police converge on his position.

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I hope Greg takes some sort of legal action against ALL of you for cyberbullying! Emailing this thread to him as we speak. Oh, and guess what. I ship Cluke as well. They look absolutely adorable together and should hook up when Clem turns March I really beg to differ, I believe this is the one of the most mature and fun community I have ever seen It might not be right to compare my experiences due to different factors, but I did have bad experiences with forum.

Everyone IS annoyed by how he hosts the show and what he “ships” but I am sure that everyone knows how Greg loves the video game, you can practically tell it with his recent episode with Melissa Hutchison. I myself personally, have come to an understanding of couples of great age differences. I came to like one fictional couple from the Korean drama prime minister and I. The story and chemistry was amazing.

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Natalie Abrams May 18, AT This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of The Blacklist. Read at your own risk. During the finale, Cooper Harry Lennix decided to settle the debate once and for all by using a blood sample locked up in evidence from a mission decades prior that Red worked before turning into a criminal mastermind. Read our postmortem with Megan Boone here. Has this been the plan from the beginning?

Yes, it has been. How hard was it keeping this reveal a secret all these years? Why confirm what everyone has basically said since season 1? Because it is part of the truth, but not the entire [thing]. There is a larger reason for him entering her life, a bigger secret that is also revealed in this episode, so while it is part of the story, it is not the entire story. Talk about that bigger secret.

The Blacklist Unanswered Questions & Answers Guide

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Forbes Columnist Blames ‘Drunk Female Guests’ for Frat Strife, Sparks Twitter Meme, Gets Canned

Well, this is a good question to ask regarding the Blacklist. It is designed to make you come back. It always builds tension and ends with something to make you come back. This is why, most people gave up on the show. The first season was purely wonderful but then, it became just a never ending cycle of question and answer, extremely formulaic in nature, losing most of its magic.

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I watched the show today for the second time and it was not as confusing. I think it is confusing the first time around because so many things in the show tie into something later in the show and don’t really make sense when you first see them. I think they are going to eventually have Sniper Dude and Liz hook up. I am sure the little strip tease caught his attention. Too bad he didn’t realize it wasn’t Liz.

Every now and then I like to share with all of you how BSG is doing. Huge news today — 1.

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There is nothing sexy about gas lighting your wife and taking a shower with her with blood on your hands figuratively sliding down her back. What is fathomably worse, Liz protecting her abuser after witnessing her ex-partake in murder, discovers a diamond heist, and put a gun to her head. A show can have a dark edge, but how does it justify a homicidal killer as a love interest to his battered ex-wife? What a prick, punching his wife in the head!

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Tom calls Liz to tell him that he has good news and wants to meet at a restaurant, and even though Reddington disapproves, she decides to meet him. Ressler reveals that the director has been withholding information from the team and has the proof to back it up, so the director has until the end of the day to pack up his team and leave. Instead of turning Karakurt over to the officials, Reddington asks Cooper to hold onto him for a bit longer — the Director is working on a way to get his hands on Karakurt as well.

At the end of the day, both Samar and Ressler are feeling defeated and we saw them hook up! Did anyone out there see this coming? Samar is a great character that never gets enough screen time so this was a lot of fun, especially seeing that Samar and Ressler hook up!!! Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the season so far.

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