Netgear GS108 – 8 Blinking Link LEDs – Can we fix it? Yes we CAN!

The one that says ‘Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion’? Well, the same’s kinda true when it comes to storing music — however much storage you have, the size of your music collection will expand to fill it before you know what’s happened. So it was that, little more than a year on from my last great NAS-building adventure , my 2TB NAS drive was beginning look a bit on the full side, and it became clear that a deep breath and another project was in the offing. Reading that news, I found myself thinking ‘NAS’ again, and determined to build something with sufficient capacity to keep me futureproofed for a while. That meant four drives to offer a variety of RAID options — more on that in a moment —, and that meant a new enclosure to supplant my existing D-Link cheapie, still doing solid work but grinding away slightly wheezily in its location hidden away in a cupboard. Simply because I don’t watch enough TV to merit a multimedia set-up, am quite happy to load up a Blu-ray on the rare occasions I want to watch a movie, and really think it’s worth keeping the computer back-ups on a separate disc. Choosing drives and enclosures So, having decided it was time to upgrade, two questions: It’s possible to buy a complete NAS for plug and play operation, such as the WD MyBook World with which I started out, but for flexibility it’s best to buy a separate enclosure and drives. The enclosure is the physical ‘box’ you plug into your system, containing the Ethernet interface and the ‘computer’ to control the drives, which are mounted inside it.

Wiring Cat5 To Phone Lines?

Just got in my Steam Link from the summer sale. Want to play it over the wireless network, but having problems. There may be no way to fix it, but I’d appreciate any feedback. So my set up is TV, Link, and router in the living room. PC running Steam is in the next room, maybe feet away. Not completely cut-off by a wall, but there is a corner in between the two.

Re: Suggestion for connecting NetGear switch to home network In post 2 & 7 I suggested he seek support at Cisco. The last Cisco product I setup was a Cisco Catalyst 16 years ago.

In this blog we had to set up two Networks in class. The Switch lab Here is the switch that everyone had to plug into. Next we had to set our own IP address so there would be no IP conflicts on the class room network. The on the left click “Change adapter settings” then right click on the Connection you want to set. Now you will get a window that looks a lot like the one below this is where you can set your IP address. Here is the network. We had to share out a folder on our desktop.

Then click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings. Turn on Network discovery. Everything else should be on, except to make it easy for us in the class room we turned off password protected sharing. Now That you got permissions set go back to your desktop and share out the folder.

Router behind a router

The technician should’ve used an appropriate splitter. It’s possible there may be some splitters in your walls that are not ideal for MoCA 2. You won’t even be using the full potential of MoCA 1. Some of mine look silver and the others look gold. Not sure what you mean by this – the connectors at the end? No, color doesn’t really matter.

Re: GS switch ports don’t appear to be working Hi KRas4, Since the GS switch is directly connected to the modem, I recommend that you should have a router in between the modem and the GS .

Netgear GS 8-port Gigabit switch is unhappy, only wants to blink Introduction I was on a roll I hoped , after successfully bringing back one of my dead JGS switches to life, it was time to turn the attention to another dead switch I had. Can I make it 2 for 2? On the ground floor of the house, I had another network switch, this was for things like the TV, appleTV, etc.

One afternoon, nothing would connect, and all 8 Link LEDs just blinked in unison. I purchased it in April , and it had served me well for 4 years before going on the fritz. This repair involved the use of a soldering iron, and care should be taken to avoid burns, etc. Also observe suitable anti-static procedures to reduce the risk of damaging electronic components due to static discharges The problem was that the device would no longer allow any connections, or traffic to pass across its ports, the Link LED of each port would flash on and off in unison.

After unplugging the unit, and undoing the screws at the back, I slid of the cover and inspected internally. There was no dust accumulations, no evidence of burning, and things looked relatively okay. It wasn’t until I took a closer look at the PCB, I observed that out of the 5 capacitors, 2 of these had slightly domed by about mm compared to the others.

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If performed as DIY project, the only costs are the material costs described below. The cost of equipment prices for switches, panels and other necessities that can influence the total cost of the project. The minimum materials that are needed for a one home office networking installation include: RJ45 Jacks, plates and plugs: Additional rooms will cost hours per room. Additional considerations and costs Before you start your network installation, ask yourself these planning questions to help you determine your network requirements:

Thank you for selecting NETGEAR products. After installing your device, locate the serial number on the label of your product and use it to register your product at You must register your product before you can use NETGEAR telephone support. NETGEAR recommends registering your product through the NETGEAR website.

I don’t care for this approach because I prefer to select separate devices to meet the needs of my installation and provide best-in-class performance, something you are not likely to get from the All-In-One device. To add WiFi to the basic setup above you would buy and install one or more wireless access points. This WAP will connect to your Switch via a network cable. You place the WAP where desired to give the best coverage. In my home the Modem, Router and Switch actually 2 are located in the basement in a dedicated utility closet.

From the switches cables run to different rooms in the home, anywhere I thought I might have a device needing a network connection. I also ran cables to several locations in the house and installed ceiling mounted WAP,s that look a bit like smoke detectors. In other places where I already knew what was being installed security system, etc I ran cables suited to the type of equipment. If you take it step by step it’s fairly simple.

I read up on how to set this up and it seems pretty straight forward. Might tackle it once I have the initial setup working. Thanks for taking the time to help out. I can’t wait to get everything sorted this weekend.

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Switches and Isolators Update: AQVox claims to be first in creating an Audiophile grade switch. The AQVox web-site is what I would call simple, it may take you a minute to get around. Several emails were answered very quickly.

8-Port Switch GS 10// Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Installation Guide Page 3: Installation Overview. Each port on the GS switch automatically configures itself .

Sat Mar 06, 7: There is a foot Cat5e cable from the office, up to the attic, over to the living room, and back down to the HTPC area. The cable is way longer than needed, but it was the shortest I could find readily several years ago when I got started fishing the line between the rooms. So there are a lot of extra coils up in the attic Wondering if this is part of why the speed is not quite what I was expecting.

Speeds I saw pre- and post-D-Link are just below. I did some hard drive to hard drive tests to see what the sustained capability was just within the HTPC machine itself. K, C, and Gamer are all in the office. HTPC is in the living room at the end of the foot cable. Things don’t seem too bad except for the Gamer to HTPC — seems pretty slow and I haven’t been able to figure out why.

I gave up waiting on the file transfer — that slowed it down a LOT — and put things back to jumbo disabled on each NIC. Let me know what you think. It’s obviously better with the GigE machines, but not anywhere near what I’d hoped wanted closer to the factor of 10 improvement that you might expect.

NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router Review

We publicly state that we have factors when it comes to scanning, indexing and ranking. Generally, the number of algorithms is a casual number. For instance, one algorithm can be used to display a letter on the search results page. Therefore, we believe that counting the exact number of algorithms that Google uses is not something that is really useful [for optimizers]. Since Google Penguin was modified into real-time update and started ignoring spam links instead of imposing sanctions on websites, this has led to a decrease of the value of auditing external links.

It’s very easy to hook up. Just take it out of the box, plug in the AC adapter, hook one of an Ethernet cable in the back of the switch and the other end of the cable .

I know that some people have had problems with the wifi connection on most of the Internet capable tv’s out there. Make sure that you do update the firmware, once you get it online. If it was my choice, if you were me, I would opt for a wired connection, vs wifi, due to it will be more stable. Also, make sure that you have a router that is multicast capable, and if you use a switch, look at using something along the lines of the Netgear Prosafe GS switches.

As for using the tv as a giant monitor, you could build a HTPC, or hook up a computer to it, and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. I know that googleTV kind of met a death knell, but there is still the fact that it allows for some web browsing. Other people ran into the same thing – unless you get a specific usb adaptor it won’t work wifi as this model does not have a built-in.

I wanted wireless because the tv and the router are not that close, but I’ll try wired to see what I get and if it’s more than what I can access through my bluray I can run a wire through the unfinished basement I’d likely watch shows I missed by accessing through Hulu or something like that for maybe a couple of hours at a time, if I can wrest my son’s laptop away from him. I’ll likely be watching tv in heaven before they ever get it where I live That’s why I switched to cable

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To open your My Cloud web Dashboard: To open your My Cloud Dashboard: To upload a file: On the Start page, type Computer Click Computer.

The NETGEAR® Gigabit Unmanaged Switch series helps businesses costeffectively expand their network to Gigabit speeds and higher port counts. The GS, GS, and GSPP Gigabit Ethernet switches come with 5 and 8 Gigabit copper ports in a desktop metal case and are wall-mountable.

Your best plan of action is to start with the wireless: Hook the unraid server to your router hardwired downstairs and let then connect HTPC through the wireless network upstairs. Depending on the signal quality upstairs, and the content you are streaming, you may or may not have issues with this option. More than likely though you will. I would still try out xbmc for a while, if it causes you issues then proceed to next option. They work most of the time.

I have heard of some people having issues depending on how the house was wired. So it is one of those try and see if works things. Essentially it is two wall plugs. Again try XBMC out, and if it does not work, then proceed to next option. A third option is to by a second router and place it upstairs. It can be a pain but you can bridge the two routers to create a single network. This will probably highly depend on the brand and model of your existing router.

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Katy, Republic of Texas Posts: Well, I got the Netgear ones. OK, I have a little extra cash coming from my tax return and want to upgrade my home network to gigabit.

The first stop after the line into your home is the Residential Gateway. The grey outlined phone jack RJ on the RG is to be used to connect your landline telephones to the U-Verse service. The rear of the 2Wire RG showing all the ports. If; however, you wish to use your own router with the U-Verse service things get a bit trickier. This new residential gateway is a substantial upgrade over the aging 2Wire and HGV gateways.

The gateway supports newer networking technology including a Gigabit Ethernet switch and an Additionally, the NVG has a built-in backup battery to supply power to the gateway in the event of a power loss to maintain the internet connection necessary to drive the VOIP-powered U-Verse telephones. You can have up to seven total boxes including the DVR however you are still limited to the number of television streams supported by your profile.

At most, customers will be able to watch or record 4 HD streams and any additional boxes will be limited to watching content saved on the DVR. Information on this new DVR has been added below:

The NetGear Gigabit Smart Switch GS108T-200UKS 8-Port Unboxing and Talkthrough