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What Is The Olympic Rain Shadow?

This acre marine camping park features 3, feet of saltwater shoreline on Port Townsend Bay. The heavily wooded park has a rich military history dating from pioneer days. History of the Area The park consists of slighty more than a third of the orginal Fort Townsend built in by the U. Army for the protection of settlers. Timbers were hewn and laths cut from the forests of the vicinity.

KHQ provides local news, breaking news, weather, sports and information for the Inland Northwest including Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Deer Park, Moscow, Pullman and surrounding areas.

An oceanic climate also called “west coast marine climate” predominates in western Washington, and a much drier semi-arid climate prevails east of the Cascade Range. Major factors determining Washington’s climate include the large semi-permanent high pressure and low pressure systems of the north Pacific Ocean, the continental air masses of North America, and the Olympic and Cascade mountains.

In the spring and summer, a high pressure anticyclone system dominates the north Pacific Ocean, causing air to spiral out in a clockwise fashion. For Washington this means prevailing winds from the northwest bring relatively cool air and a predictably dry season. Dryland farming caused a large dust storm in arid parts of eastern Washington on October 4, This causes Washington’s prevailing winds, the Chinooks , to come from the southwest, bringing relatively warm and moist air masses and a predictably wet season.

The term ” Pineapple Express ” is used colloquially to describe the extreme form of the wet-season Chinook winds. During these events western Washington experienced up to 6 feet 1.

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Lodging Inside the Park The lodges and cabins located throughout Olympic National Park provide a range of accommodations. Visitors may choose from rooms in historic hotels dating back to the early s, modern motel type accommodations, or rustic cabins.

The girls need to be at the HS parking lot by the tennis courts on Thursday by 9: We are asking that each girl bring a snack and for the most part the girls signed up for a specific snack or drink already to share with their roommates. Also there are snack shops in GWL so if the girls want a treat or a special item they need to bring money for that as well optional.

The NCA camp offers a merchandise area and if the girls want to buy a shirt or other momento they will need money for that as well optional. Please remind your cheerleader that our rooms will NOT be available till 4 pm but we have access to the waterpark immediately so they need to have any waterpark items within reasonable reach. I don’t want everyone to have to unpack their entire bag to reach their swimsuit. Also, I will have basic medical supplies available such as Tylenol, Tums, etc.

If you want to send along a permission letter with your “camper” that is fine, otherwise I will need verbal permission from you via phone call.

How to get from Sequim to Great Falls by bus, ferry, plane, shuttle, car or train

Tweet On August 8, , Emanuel “Manny” Manis unearths mastodon tusks while excavating a dry peat bog on his property on the southern outskirts of Sequim, Clallam County. The typically marshy area is dry due to a drought that summer, and conditions are ideal for Manis’s intentions of digging out a smaller area within the bog to create a permanent pond. His backhoe begins bringing up what at first appear to be old logs.

He and his wife Clare soon realize they are looking not at logs, but at tusks nearly eight feet long. They contact archaeology and paleontology experts who begin excavation of the site, confirming that the tusks and other bones are those of a mastodon preserved in the wet peat for 13, to 14, years. They intended to support themselves with a huge garden and a few cattle.

Adam Habergarten (d 22 Oct ). After a brief illness of only a week’s duration, Adam Habergarten passed away last Sunday, the victim of that terrible malady, typhoid-pneumonia.

The Olympic Peninsula, Washington The Olympics and their peninsula of 3, square miles are still surprisingly, romantically wild. View Images Photograph by Melissa Farlow The snow-topped peaks of the Olympics are a mercurial sight from Seattle, vanishing in fog and rain only to reappear again when the skies clear. First explored by non-natives only in , when a Seattle newspaper sent an expedition across Puget Sound to do so, the Olympics and their peninsula of 3, square miles 9, square kilometers are still surprisingly, romantically wild.

Even now no roads traverse the interior, which remains a redoubt of elk and old-growth forest, protected by Olympic National Park and the rugged, saw-toothed peaks of the Olympic Range. Overview Enter the loop highway, , at its junction with , then follow it for miles kilometers around the peninsula counterclockwise via Port Angeles to Aberdeen; take Highway 12 inland to just west of Olympia, then follow north to complete the loop along the Hood Canal.

It’s “the most sophisticated place west of Seattle,” known for its Victorian architecture, art galleries, and wine bars, says one resident. Back on , proceed toward Sequim. As you approach this small town surrounded by lavender farms and clusters of retirees’ RVs, you’ll come inside the peninsula’s rain shadow—in which the mountains to the west drain the Pacific storms, leaving clear skies. Watch for views of the peaks, an alpine watercolor framed by your windshield.

Stop for a bite at Sawadee Thai Cuisine S. The Dungeness Spit Beyond Sequim, turn north to see the Dungeness Spit, one of the world’s longest natural sand spits. The area was declared a national wildlife refuge in because of the abundance of bird species—over —that you find here, making it a bird-watcher’s paradise. Port Angeles A bit father along , as you continue moving counterclockwise around the northeast corner of the peninsula, you reach Port Angeles.

This coastal logging town at the doorstep of Olympic National Park offers a possible side trip:

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Chefs and restaurants from the entire area participate. This event includes over 30 booths, offers goodies ranging from barbecue spareribs and ethnic dishes to heavenly desserts and Washington State wines and beers, plus live music and local artists. This is possibly the ultimate family picnic. Today, twenty years after its inauguration, the TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival is the largest music festival in British Columbia, winner of numerous awards for Best Festival and praised as one of the leading jazz festivals in the world.

The Seattle Art Museum (commonly known as “SAM”) is an art museum located in Seattle, maintains three major facilities: its main museum in downtown Seattle; the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM) in Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill, and the open Olympic Sculpture Park on the central Seattle waterfront, which opened on January 20,

Science magazine has published a new study relating to the Manis mastodon. Emanuel Manis poses with his historic discovery in In the summer of , while operating a backhoe to dig a front yard pond, Sequim resident Emanuel Manis literally uncovered one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in history.

There, in his would-be pond, lay the skeletal remains of a mastodon that roamed this area some 13, years ago. In addition to two large mastodon tusks and other bones, the Manis Mastodon site in Happy Valley presented archaeologists with direct evidence and momentous clues about the time period. Such finds include several artifacts that suggest the Northern Olympic Peninsula was inhabited by people at least 4, years earlier than previously thought and, what’s more, that they hunted mastodons.

Now some plus years and numerous professionally-orchestrated archaeological digs later, the Manis Mastodon site remains a highly valuable resource. For many decades, archaeologists have agreed on an explanation known as the Clovis model.

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February 9, – September 30, Friday, October 6, , at He was the third of seven children in this Cross clan. When he was young, his family moved to the Moreau River area in Perkins County. He attended school there until they bought a place near Sturgis, SD. Bill then attended school in Sturgis where he met his high school sweetheart, Sally Hardy.

Port Townsend, WA With history dating back to the early s and many Victorian buildings, Port Townsend is a pretty town within easy range of the Olympic National Park.. It faces Whidbey Island and is a short drive from many attractions and towns of interest, including Port Angeles. Read more about Port Townsend, Washington. Quinault, WA If you’re planning a trip to the Olympic National Park.

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Bell St Sequim, WA Yoga 7 Days a Week Our intention at Bodhi Tree is to create a warm and welcoming environment for yoga. We provide attentive and creative instruction from our experienced teachers. We strengthen not only our bodies but the connections of this community.

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Adoption application at www. Thanks for your cooperation! Molly is an adorable and super loving 7 year old shih tzu mix. Someone clearly loved this little girl a lot so we do not understand why she was in the shelter to begin with! Sadly she had to be shaved down due to mats, all the way to her skin, but she just got groomed and will grow her hair back with time. She loves being around people and she also loves Read More being around other dogs!

She follows her foster mom around, and she is so sad that Molly is leaving. She is just the sweetest, most loving, affectionate dog! All she loves to do is eat, love, snuggle and be loved on. The only time she really barks is if the other dogs are being fed, she barks as if to say ‘Where’s my food?! Molly should go to a home where people are present during the day and also where there is another dog for her to play with. Like most dogs in our rescue, Molly will need work on potty training.

We are an all-volunteer c3 non-profit group of animal lovers.

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The Clovis culture is a prehistoric Paleo-Indian culture, named for distinct stone tools found in close association with Pleistocene fauna at Blackwater Locality No. 1 near Clovis, New Mexico, in the s and appears around 11,–11, uncalibrated radiocarbon years before present at the end of the last glacial period, and is characterized by the manufacture of “Clovis points.

Alexandrium and Scrippsiella cysts were isolated from a cm sediment core. Abstract Many marine protists produce a benthic resting stage during their life history. This non-motile cyst stage can either germinate near the sediment surface to provide the inoculum for subsequent blooms or, be buried by sediment deposits over time and entrained into the sedimentary record.

Buried cysts can be resuspended into the water column by mixing events e. It is not clear how long cysts can survive while buried in the sediments and still be capable of germinating given favorable conditions. Here, the germination success of cysts produced by the potentially toxic dinoflagellate genus Alexandrium and the non-toxic dinoflagellate genus Scrippsiella is reported from a cm sediment core collected in Sequim Bay, WA, in December Cysts of Alexandrium spp.


History of Seattle and Timeline of Seattle Founding Archaeological excavations suggest that Native Americans have inhabited the Seattle area for at least 4, years. Charles Terry and John Low remained at the original landing location and reestablished their old land claim and called it “New York”, but renamed “New York Alki” in April , from a Chinook word meaning, roughly, “by and by” or “someday”.

In , nominal land settlements were established.

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