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This is the only way to get a beautiful 8×10 glossy photo of you with one of our guests in an intimate setting. Autograph Sessions A perfect opportunity to get that special something signed by your favourite celebrity! Some guests may charge additional fees for an autograph. The pros will be here to answer all your questions about the industry and to talk about their latest projects. You never know what they might say! Artist Alley Indie meets pro in this special area where you will find all of your favourite pencillers, inkers and writers. Exhibitor Area Experience the hottest new products and services – before anyone else sees them! Companies from all corners of the industry will be showcasing their upcoming projects and promos in the Exhibitor area and you get to be there for a sneak peek. This exciting event features creative fans showcasing their original costumes derived from the comic, sci-fi, horror, anime and fantasy worlds — all on stage for a chance to win bragging rights. From caped-crusaders to hot anime characters, be awed as a spectator or strut your stuff on stage.

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Many couples find each other through their interests right? Let geeky love flourish! It is the largest event promoting comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming. It is also one of the third largest pop culture events in North America. This year, it celebrated its 22nd year, and has grown from a small convention, with people in attendance to a four day event with about people attending from all around the world!

Fan Expo Speed Dating: Reportedly back by popular demand, this event gets to the beating hearts underneath all that makeup and cosplay. With sessions Friday and Saturday, it is free but requires.

Enjoy the ultimate Rocky Horror experience including screenings of the film with an introduction by one of the stars, panels, photo-ops, autograph sessions and much more. Join cosplay experts and cast from the Shadowcast as they share their experiences on building the most beloved and obscure Rocky Horror costumes. How about some toast? Bring your questions and your props and hear from our panel of experts on how to do The Rocky Horror Picture Show properly!

Bragging rights to be won and guaranteed fun to be had! What would you like to bet? Experience The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Live Shadowcast performing in step with a full length screening of the original classic. Costumed performers and audience participation with shout-outs and interactive props to throw make The Rocky Horror Picture Show an exciting party and multi-layered experience!

Activities for readers include book signings, Author readings, Panels and launches! This is a fun way to quickly meet and get to know some of your fellow fans, and who knows, you might just develop a very important relationship in the process.

What you need to know before going to Dallas Fan Days

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FAN EXPO Vancouver took place this weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre and brought an array of brightly coloured cosplay characters galore. artists, panels, workshops, and even “geek speed dating.” 6 FREE campsites you should check out this summer. March 8,

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Fan Expo Canada Speed Dating Commitment to christ by your dating during divorce process logic, i could claim to haveThe Theme Song Bomb was invented by Culture Toronto at Fan Expo in Toronto,. Nov 11, geek fan expo, fanexpo canada, cosplay, speed dating, dating,. How Fan Expo Canada became the third-largest convention of fan expo canada. Youll set up in the Publisher Speed Dating room and have five minutes to speak to each representative. Theyll take two minutes to offer you feedback on.

•Fan Expo speed dating: Back by popular demand, speed dating is returning to Fan Expo Canada! Fans can experience the thrill of meeting their potential soul mate, future spouse or maybe someone.

September 4, Reading those three words on a convention program inspired a bit of amusement from me. Nerds have always been often unjustly stereotyped as a group of people with little-to-no social skills, so putting them all together in a room with only minutes to make good first impressions seemed like a recipe for disaster. I could only imagine the Jerry Lewis-esque hem-ing and haw-ing , and how the few females to show up would surely be overwhelmed by the hordes of sweaty, unwashed men.

But lo and behold, there I was in line. The event I attended was a general crossover, intended to cover as many bases as possible. It took place on the Saturday. Saturdays at conventions are often ludicrous affairs. As the organizers tend to pack as many people as possible into a convention hall, our gender-sequestered lines were wedged in between a stylized red carpet and a group of teenagers dancing to spastic techno.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating a hit at Fan Expo

Using proprietary technologies, Fiilex is capable of producing portable and powerful specular sources that boast high Color Rendering Index CRI and color tuning capabilities. Products include the revolutionary Q , P and award winning P E. We grew from a small rental shop in Hong Kong into our very own full- service manufacturing equipment company supplying industry professionals, rental houses, and sound stages globally. Since then our lights have illuminated the visions of over films.

Stay posted with FAN EXPO right at your fingertips! View Now. Volunteer. Be apart of an amazing team all while enjoying FAN EXPO Dallas! Apply Now. ANIME. What better way to kick off your convention experience than panels full of ANIME! View all Anime Attractions. SHOW PARTNERS.

Get Unlimited Digital Access Your first month is less than a dollar. It could have gone better. But as potential suitors exchanged places in the seat across from her, she stumbled on someone else who had a chance. The sessions — including those for both LGBT and straight participants — are run by Sci-Fi Speed Dating, a group that organizes similar sessions in fan conventions across the country. Ryan Glitch founded Sci-Fi Speed Dating in to serve as a more organized approach to the speed-dating efforts that conventions already were trying.

Once it took off, Glitch said, he went from flipping burgers for a living to working full-time on the new venture. Within a couple days, Glitch said on Friday, at least 16 babies will have been born to couples who met through Sci-Fi Speed Dating.

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Stan will talk about and introduce his favorite Marvel film; Captain America: Civil War, in a very special encore screening. This package includes getting an in-person autograph, and the best selfie ever, just you and Stan Lee! Click here to purchase your ticket now! Come and listen to the creator of Marvel’s mightiest heroes talk candidly about the wonderful world of comics and superhero movies, and all those cool cameos, and maybe even get to ask a burning question of your own.

You can also get the scoop on what exciting projects The Man is working on now.

FAN EXPO Vancouver returns to the Vancouver Convention Centre from Friday, October 12th – Sunday, October 14th, RELATED: 12 Movies & TV Shows That Filmed At The Vancouver Aquarium Similar to Comic-Con, FAN EXPO is a three-day event that allows fans of all sorts to nerd out together and meet a stellar list of celebrities.

Be sure to visit and enjoy all the wonder of The Time Travelers Bazaar! Enjoy the visual feast of dozens of specialty vendors from far and wide. The Time Travellers Bazaar showcases the finest artisans and vendors in the country, hand-picked to take part in the event. In support of The Time Travelers Bazaar, our skilled Steampunk experts will be running free panels, demonstrations and workshops throughout the weekend.

This is the only way to get a beautiful 8×10 glossy photo of you with one of our guests in an intimate setting. Prepare to be wowed and learn about how the biggest names in the industry got to the top! Literally hundreds of amazing costumes are available for your viewing pleasure throughout the weekend. Don’t be shy; get your photo taken with all your favourite characters or come dressed up yourself.

View our props policy: Soak it all in through seminars and workshops held by the pros of the industry. Companies from all corners of the industry will be showcasing their upcoming projects and promos in the Exhibitor area and you get to be there for a sneak peek. Fan Expo will make sure you leave with your hands full.

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